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Let's get this show on the road...

Thanks go to sarahtheboring for setting up this community. It would be nice to see some more non-anime animation videos around and discussed.

So, I figured to commend the occasion I'd repost my video using Disney's The Little Mermaid that I created earlier this year. It's kinda anime inspired as it uses the opening theme from the 3rd season of Card Captor Sakura composed by the ever-talented Yoko Kanno and sung by pop sensation Maaya Sakamoto. Far too well written a song for a simple anime theme imo :)

However, those who aren't familiar with said anime need not worry, it's not particularly important - the main link is that 'CCS' is a magical girl show where a girl transforms to something else, has adventures, has cute animal-like sidekick etc etc. I figured it would be fun seeing this Disney movie as being a sort of magical girl story too.

This premiered at Jacon in orlando but missed out on the Best Disney award (apparently because I'd already won the Best Video award for my Gunbuster video... oh well, I'm not complaining).

Final note is that this video has a Japanese song. Now, as the lyrics were essential to the video (it being a character profile) I decided to subtitle it. When I first posted this video I had optional subs as an extra file but people had trouble viewing the subs and couldn't be bothered, which would have lossed a certain amount of meaning. If you really don't want to see the subs, I have put them in a black border outside the video so they are pretty easy to ignore if you want to.

So, without further ado here's the video:

AbsoluteDestiny - Magical Dreamer (45mb divx5)
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